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Tim and Jess

Bye-Bye Shell.

Today started as any other day, except that while Kim was counting cigarettes, she put her Diet Coke on a rather precarious corner of the counter without screwing the cap on well.  Someone knocked it over, all over my stuff.  I was able to save my $350 electronic japanese dictionary because I grabbed that and wiped it down right away, but unfortunately I wasn't able to save all my kanji cards, which were covered in coke.  They're made out of relatively study cardstock, but it's sure as hell not waterproof.  My hand-made, hand-dyed, hand-embroidered bag which I toiled on for countless hours was also covered - it will survive for the most part but the blue dye is very faded as a result of washing and I can't redye it because it would destroy the colors on the embroidery.  My books got covered, but only the covers of them are damaged, the inside contents are OK.

What made me most upset was the cards.  I can wash the bag, I saved the dictionary and it still works, but about half of the cards are ruined.  Those cards will cost about $80-90 to replace.  This is money I do not have so naturally I was upset.  I worked to dry them off, and cried.  So what does Kim do?  Kim, whose Coke it was that ruined the cards?  Oh, she calls her boss and has her come to the station and send me home.  They don't want me working there, I'm "disturbing Kim and making her unable to to her work".  Kim apparently thinks I have no right to be upset over having to replace nearly $100 worth of study materials.  And don't think for a minute that she's nice or responsible enough to offer to help me with the recovery cost.

So now I don't have a job.  All because Kim put her Coke in a bad place on the counter without screwing the cap on.  Because SHE CAN'T HANDLE the fact that she ruined my stuff.  She's mad that I'm upset.  She's, oh, let's use her words, "emotionally a mess".   If that's not the most selfish thing I've heard in a while I don't know what is. 

End result:  My stuff is ruined, I have no job, and quite frankly, I'm not happy. 



With that sort of response, it seems like she was looking for an excuse to get rid of you and conveniently (for her!) found one. It's utterly low that she didn't even offer to help with compensation for what was ruined, but she's never seemed like a nice or conscientious enough person to do such. At least you can now apply like crazy for other jobs?
Tim and Jess

January 2008

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