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Tim and Jess

New job!

As it turns out, I was temporarily suspended and not actually fired.  This is good because I have a vacation that I am not eligible to receive until my anniversary comes up in June.

Of course, I still didn't want to work for them after that, though... So when I got a call saying I'd been hired at the interview I went to after I had been sent home the previous day, I took the job.  Then I told Kim not to put me on the schedule for next week, except for Sundays.  This is not the "Screw you!" kinda thing I had originally wanted to say, but I think that by being diplomatic, it will work out for me, because even if for the next 4 weeks I only work 8 hours a week, my average of weekly hours over the past year is still going to be over 40 (due to overtime I've worked).  So if I stay on for one day a week until my anniversary in June, I get 40 hours worth of paid vacation.  And if I want to stay after that or not all depends on how I'm feeling, whether I want the extra money, or whatever.  I also have the added bonus of not having to put on any future applications that I was fired from a job. 

Anyway, today is my first day!  While assembly and whatnot in a sheet metal company isn't my dream job, it sounds like a nice departure from retail right now.  Wish me luck!


I'm so happy for you!
Good luck, hun! :)
Tim and Jess

January 2008

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