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Tim and Jess

Nintendo DS

In all the excitement of a new job and a car crash (by the way, it's not quite totaled, but it will cost about $8,000 to fix), I forgot to post about my new toy. 

I got a Nintendo DS as my "new job" present.  I wanted one because there is an AWESOME kanji practice game for it that will correct your strokes and drill you and stuff.  I can't wait to get it in. 

In the meantime I picked up Pokemon Pearl to keep me busy.  It's a pretty fun game.  I've always hated Pokemon anime, card games, manga, etc., but the video games play so much like Dragon Warrior.  I love it.  So anyway, the DS has wireless & online multiplayer capabilities, and I'd love to find someone else to trade/battle with, if anyone else has Diamond or Pearl.

Add me.  My friend code is 2749 7890 1676, the name is Jess(ellipsis)(angry yelling face).  Um, like Jess...XD but the XD is the little yelling face icon..  Leave me a comment with yours if you have the game!


*waves* I've got two codes for you here!

Me (Anki): 2835 6612 0731
My sister (Mix): 5111 9938 1935

My brother also has the game, but I don't know his code.
Sweeeeet, thanks! <3
My sister wants to know what type of pokemon you have.
I have.... Well, from memory, I can't reach my DS from here...:

- Prinlup (Pengin)
- Just evolved my Budew into Roselia (Sprout)
- Misdreavus ( ):O )
- Meditite (OnionHead)
- Geodude (RockyHoror)
- Shinx just evolved into... um, something (Boingy)
- Cleffa (Lil' Poof)
- Bidoof (Bucky)
- Combee (Honeybunch)
- umm... a bunch of others.

I'll make a better list a little later.
The galley hatch job is on June 23rd. You'd have to wear khaki pants (it's a bbq) and they'd give you a maroon shirt. It's only from 4:15-9:30, so I don't know if it'd be worth it for you to drive all the way here for 5 hours. Call Christine, maybe she could put you on one of the longer jobs that day since you're driving so far. Galley Hatch's number is 9261545
I got christine to switch your shift to the conference center (working with Jen again), from 11-7pm. At least this way the drive will be worth the hours you will get.

Let me know asap if you can do it!
Absolutely. :D

Just give me directions again so I can write them down. Thank you!
Tim and Jess

January 2008

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