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Tim and Jess

My dad has lost his battle with cancer.

Yesterday at 11:20 AM my father passed away.  He battled lung cancer for about a year and a half. 

I just feel completely lost right now. 

I'm also moving to a new apartment, in Nashua (yay, closer, and it's in a good neighborhood), as of Monday, so I have soooo much stuff to get done here, like cancel all the utilities and pack and clean.  We're doing the rest of the move this Saturday (looks like we will be doing services for my dad next Saturday, so it shouldn't conflict). 

I have so much to get done and absolutely 0 desire to do it.  I just want to lie in bed. 

After we move my cell will be the same number but we're going to try and use it as a home phone until we have money to afford a landline.  Moving to Nashua will fix the problem of never having any signal so I might actually get people's calls and messages now.  It's (603) 738-7875 for anyone who doesn't have it, but since I'm in Milford today it won't work until I go to Nashua later tonight.

I should update this thing more often.  -_-;


I'm so SO sorry, Jess. I really am.
I can't imagine what you're going through. Try to remember that you're loved.

If you need me, call or text ANYTIME (& I mean it!): (603) 438-6663
I love you guys.


Landlines are a waste of money if you already have cell-phones.


Re: PS

It is true that they're a waste of money in a lot of ways, the only reason we finally caved and got one was because we have no signal in Milford and our parents wouldn't stop bugging us, haha. But it's ridiculously expensive for what it is - almost 50 bucks a month for my plan that was supposedly 35 a month. Oh, wait, that's before "taxes and fees" and mysterious long distance charges that we think keep happening when out-of-state telemarketers illegaly call us and the answering machine picks up... ?! What? F you, Verizon.

We're locked in our contract until July, but after that we're looking into getting a 2 or 3-line family plan with T-mobile and going with that. My cell is useless as a cell right now because it only lasts a few hours unless it is plugged into a charger, so we're going to leave it plugged in at home as a "home phone" until the contract is up. We're looking at a 3-line family plan so we could do the same and just leave one phone at home, but we might just do a 2-line to save the 10 bucks a month and just both have our own cells.

Thanks for all your support. In separate news, you and Heather were too cute on Christmas Eve. Once we get the computer up at the new place I should be able to get those pictures uploaded.

Re: PS

^ That was me being a dumbass and not logging in.

Re: PS

I was wondering about that...haha.

You're more than welcome, it's the least I can do.
I wish I could be there with you guys. Let me know if there's anything I can do.

Heather & I were actually considering a Family Plan. Verizon's expensive but I've also heard that T-Mobile cuts out often. Eh.

Thanks! You two are adorable as well. You should check out the pics on myspace - they might be able to bring a smile to your face.



Hi MB,

Alai sent me this post. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I know that the words don't mean much and I didn't know him, but maybe it will help you to know that no matter what, people care about you. Even people you haven't talked to in awhile. :P

My girlfriend's dad has also been struggling with lung cancer since March. It seems to be in remission for him now and he's doing better, but you just never know with these things. We should all remember to appreciate what time we have with each of the people in our lives.

I'm moving to San Francisco soon. New job. Send me a message on MySpace or something when you are feeling up to it and we'll catch up.

- Kris (Kunzite)
I'm sorry to hear about your dad. *hugs*
Tim and Jess

January 2008

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