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Jan. 1st, 2008

Tim and Jess

We're all moved, and services for my dad

Tim and I spent the weekend moving and cleaning and everything is finally all done.  Yeah, it's a mess at the new place for the moment, but we're slowly getting things in their proper places.  In a week or so things should be looking really good.  I'm excited to show everyone the place once it's looking slightly less full of boxes and such.  I got a Wii for Christmas, too, so even though we don't have internet yet, we haven't had any entertainment shortages (Super Mario Galaxy is pretty awesome!).

Services for my Dad will be at the Unitarian Universalist Church (669 Union St in Manchester) on Saturday at 11:00 AM, after that things should calm down a little.  It's been a really crazy past couple of weeks. 

Dec. 28th, 2007

Tim and Jess

My dad has lost his battle with cancer.

Yesterday at 11:20 AM my father passed away.  He battled lung cancer for about a year and a half. 

I just feel completely lost right now. 

I'm also moving to a new apartment, in Nashua (yay, closer, and it's in a good neighborhood), as of Monday, so I have soooo much stuff to get done here, like cancel all the utilities and pack and clean.  We're doing the rest of the move this Saturday (looks like we will be doing services for my dad next Saturday, so it shouldn't conflict). 

I have so much to get done and absolutely 0 desire to do it.  I just want to lie in bed. 

After we move my cell will be the same number but we're going to try and use it as a home phone until we have money to afford a landline.  Moving to Nashua will fix the problem of never having any signal so I might actually get people's calls and messages now.  It's (603) 738-7875 for anyone who doesn't have it, but since I'm in Milford today it won't work until I go to Nashua later tonight.

I should update this thing more often.  -_-;

Jun. 2nd, 2007

Tim and Jess

Nintendo DS

In all the excitement of a new job and a car crash (by the way, it's not quite totaled, but it will cost about $8,000 to fix), I forgot to post about my new toy. 

I got a Nintendo DS as my "new job" present.  I wanted one because there is an AWESOME kanji practice game for it that will correct your strokes and drill you and stuff.  I can't wait to get it in. 

In the meantime I picked up Pokemon Pearl to keep me busy.  It's a pretty fun game.  I've always hated Pokemon anime, card games, manga, etc., but the video games play so much like Dragon Warrior.  I love it.  So anyway, the DS has wireless & online multiplayer capabilities, and I'd love to find someone else to trade/battle with, if anyone else has Diamond or Pearl.

Add me.  My friend code is 2749 7890 1676, the name is Jess(ellipsis)(angry yelling face).  Um, like Jess...XD but the XD is the little yelling face icon..  Leave me a comment with yours if you have the game!

May. 29th, 2007

Tim and Jess

My car is cursed.

I, once again, have no car.  As we were pulling in to Taco Bell, some vacant teenage prissy waste of life slammed into my car.  No skid marks or anything - she didn't even brake.  She wasn't paying attention.  She hit me going around 40MPH, I would guess.  My car is trashed.  Although we will not know for sure until Wednesday, it is probably totaled.  If it isn't, even after it is fixed I doubt it will ever run the same or last me the 10-15 years a Toyota is supposed to last.

As a testament to what a piece of trash she is, her response to hitting my car was "I'm sorry!", but with severe attitude which I cannot accurately convey in text.

We got banged up in the accident, but nothing life-threatening.  I hit my head and pulled some muscles in my neck, got slashed/bruised around my collar bone by my seat belt and have a really painful bruise on my knee.  Tim got whiplash or something, but he's feeling better today and doesn't want medical attention. 

Obviously it was her fault, but it's me that's going to suffer the worst.  My new car is ruined, and whatever value I get from it (if it is totaled) will probably not be enough to buy another one.  It's like I've been paying this car payment for a little over a year and have nothing to show for it.  It's like I leased a car at a ridiculously high rate.  I definitely won't have any money now for a down payment on another car - I used all my savings for this one! 

The only little plus side is that now Tim and I can carpool to work... If I hadn't left Shell I'd be pretty screwed.  But really, that's a small plus.  I am so depressed.

May. 25th, 2007

Tim and Jess

New job!

As it turns out, I was temporarily suspended and not actually fired.  This is good because I have a vacation that I am not eligible to receive until my anniversary comes up in June.

Of course, I still didn't want to work for them after that, though... So when I got a call saying I'd been hired at the interview I went to after I had been sent home the previous day, I took the job.  Then I told Kim not to put me on the schedule for next week, except for Sundays.  This is not the "Screw you!" kinda thing I had originally wanted to say, but I think that by being diplomatic, it will work out for me, because even if for the next 4 weeks I only work 8 hours a week, my average of weekly hours over the past year is still going to be over 40 (due to overtime I've worked).  So if I stay on for one day a week until my anniversary in June, I get 40 hours worth of paid vacation.  And if I want to stay after that or not all depends on how I'm feeling, whether I want the extra money, or whatever.  I also have the added bonus of not having to put on any future applications that I was fired from a job. 

Anyway, today is my first day!  While assembly and whatnot in a sheet metal company isn't my dream job, it sounds like a nice departure from retail right now.  Wish me luck!

May. 23rd, 2007

Tim and Jess

Bye-Bye Shell.

Today started as any other day, except that while Kim was counting cigarettes, she put her Diet Coke on a rather precarious corner of the counter without screwing the cap on well.  Someone knocked it over, all over my stuff.  I was able to save my $350 electronic japanese dictionary because I grabbed that and wiped it down right away, but unfortunately I wasn't able to save all my kanji cards, which were covered in coke.  They're made out of relatively study cardstock, but it's sure as hell not waterproof.  My hand-made, hand-dyed, hand-embroidered bag which I toiled on for countless hours was also covered - it will survive for the most part but the blue dye is very faded as a result of washing and I can't redye it because it would destroy the colors on the embroidery.  My books got covered, but only the covers of them are damaged, the inside contents are OK.

What made me most upset was the cards.  I can wash the bag, I saved the dictionary and it still works, but about half of the cards are ruined.  Those cards will cost about $80-90 to replace.  This is money I do not have so naturally I was upset.  I worked to dry them off, and cried.  So what does Kim do?  Kim, whose Coke it was that ruined the cards?  Oh, she calls her boss and has her come to the station and send me home.  They don't want me working there, I'm "disturbing Kim and making her unable to to her work".  Kim apparently thinks I have no right to be upset over having to replace nearly $100 worth of study materials.  And don't think for a minute that she's nice or responsible enough to offer to help me with the recovery cost.

So now I don't have a job.  All because Kim put her Coke in a bad place on the counter without screwing the cap on.  Because SHE CAN'T HANDLE the fact that she ruined my stuff.  She's mad that I'm upset.  She's, oh, let's use her words, "emotionally a mess".   If that's not the most selfish thing I've heard in a while I don't know what is. 

End result:  My stuff is ruined, I have no job, and quite frankly, I'm not happy. 

Apr. 9th, 2007

Tim and Jess

Survey stolen from Cheryl

The Everything Test

There are many different types of tests on the internet today. Personality tests, purity tests, stereotype tests, political tests. But now, there is one test to rule them all.

Traditionally, online tests would ask certain questions about your musical tastes or clothing for a stereotype, your experiences for a purity test, or deep questions for a personality test.We're turning that upside down - all the questions affect all the results, and we've got some innovative results too! Enjoy :-)

You are more emotional than logical, more concerned about self than concerned about others, more atheist than religious, more loner than dependent, more workaholic than lazy, more traditional than rebel, more engineering mind than artistic mind, more cynical than idealist, more leader than follower, and more introverted than extroverted.

As for specific personality traits, you are adventurious (100%), intellectual (74%), innovative (71%), romantic (57%).

College Student91%
Punk Rock73%
Life Experience

Your political views would best be described as Socialist, whom you agree with around 78% of the time.
Your attitude toward life best associates you with Upper Middle Class. You make more than 61% of those who have taken this test, and 54% less than the U.S. average.

If your life was a movie, it would be rated PG.
By the way, your hottness rank is 48%, hotter than 13% of other test takers.

brought to you by thatsurveysite

I don't know about the accuracy of this one, but it's interesting.

Apr. 2nd, 2007

myspace emo Jess

I suck.

I didn't get the job.  I'm going to the gym, because failing at getting a job isn't half as fun as failing at losing weight.

Mar. 27th, 2007

Tim and Jess

Interview again!

I called Microtech back today and got an interview.  Luckily I was able to reschedule my appointment to get the 10,000 mile check up on my car AND get out of work early to be able to go to it!  I was really apprehensive at first, because the job is in Hudson, but once I went there I found it really wasn't much farther than my current job because of the proximity to the highway.  It's just a few more exits down and then down a side street or two.  My commute now is 25 minutes, I'd estimate this one at around 30.  Not too bad, really. 

The job involves a lot of answering phones and doing invoices, but as you get comfortable in the routine they will add more responsibilities like bill collection and whatnot.  It's right at the front desk of the company, but the dress code is casual. It definitely seems like something I could do with a few days training. 

I was very impressed by what was offered, too.  Basically, it's 10 dollars an hour, temp to perm, and after 90 days you get a million benefits, including some really random stuff like free life insurance.  After a year you get 2 weeks paid vacation, and they don't have to work most holidays.  And the best part is that it's Monday-Friday, 8-5, meaning better hours than Shell (Yay I'll have tons of time in the morning to go to the gym!) and better days as well.

They will let me know by Monday the latest whether I got the job.  I am very hopeful, because I think the interview went well.  I'm hoping to hear back from them by Friday, to be honest, that way I can tell Kim to take me off the schedule for next week instead of having to wait another week or beg people to cover days for me. 

I'm very excited.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Mar. 25th, 2007

Tim and Jess

Ahh manga, I've missed you.

I've started reading a bit of manga again for the first time in quite a while.  After I moved, it was all put into a couple enormous rubbermaid tubs and I hadn't seen them since.  I decided on a whim to pick up a few things at Barnes & Noble when we went out for fun drinks (oh how I love thee, Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino Lite <3).  I grabbed Ayashi no Ceres, since I loved Watase Yuu's Fushigi Yuugi and thought Imadoki! was pretty good too.  Well, when it had been coming out waaaay back in the day, I had seen an episode of the anime and was slightly intrigued by the end of it but otherwise was unimpressed.  The manga gave me a much more thorough introduction, and I must say, after 2 volumes, I'm hooked.  My biggest gripe thus far is just that I find most of the "comedic" parts pretty contrived (and thus, not funny), not to mention overdone (OMG he walked in on her when she was NAKEDZ~! LOL) the comedy is much less central to it than it was in say, FY, so I can forgive it.  What has me hooked are the darker overtones, and some pretty interesting circumstances.  For the first time in a long time I can't wait to read more.  That's nice, after having gone so long without and also having sat through some that didn't end up being very good.  I just hope it doesn't turn out to be too soap-opera-y, since I'm a little burnt out on that.  We shall see. 

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