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Tim and Jess

Curse you, snowstorm!!

Cheryl and I decided to meet at Tim's parents house before going to Mike Birbiglia so we could leave one of the cars there.  Well, from Milford it took me over an hour of slipping and sliding to make the trip, which is usually more like 15-20.  Cheryl didn't get there until a good 3 hours later.  By that time it was 5:30, and even if we had left right then we probably wouldn't have made it on time, as many of the highways were at a complete standstill (93 was a parking lot apparently, and Jay's girlfriend ended up breaking her clutch from the stop and go driving.  :(  ).  Tim's dad extended a welcome to us to stay the night, so we did.  It was possible that we could have made it there, maybe, but the risk of that storm was just more than we were willing to take.  There were no plows, and there were accidents *everywhere*.  So we watched What Not To Wear and other assorted girly shows, and played a few mean games of Scrabble (I retained my crown).  And, aside from a really big spider, it was a good night.  Not as good as Mike Birbiglia, but I guess there's no helping that. 

Tonight Tim's family is taking us down to Boston for St. Patrick's day, and we're staying in a hotel suite, so that should be fun.  Hopefully the roads are better now that it has stopped snowing. 


Tim and Jess

January 2008

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