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Tim and Jess

Interview again!

I called Microtech back today and got an interview.  Luckily I was able to reschedule my appointment to get the 10,000 mile check up on my car AND get out of work early to be able to go to it!  I was really apprehensive at first, because the job is in Hudson, but once I went there I found it really wasn't much farther than my current job because of the proximity to the highway.  It's just a few more exits down and then down a side street or two.  My commute now is 25 minutes, I'd estimate this one at around 30.  Not too bad, really. 

The job involves a lot of answering phones and doing invoices, but as you get comfortable in the routine they will add more responsibilities like bill collection and whatnot.  It's right at the front desk of the company, but the dress code is casual. It definitely seems like something I could do with a few days training. 

I was very impressed by what was offered, too.  Basically, it's 10 dollars an hour, temp to perm, and after 90 days you get a million benefits, including some really random stuff like free life insurance.  After a year you get 2 weeks paid vacation, and they don't have to work most holidays.  And the best part is that it's Monday-Friday, 8-5, meaning better hours than Shell (Yay I'll have tons of time in the morning to go to the gym!) and better days as well.

They will let me know by Monday the latest whether I got the job.  I am very hopeful, because I think the interview went well.  I'm hoping to hear back from them by Friday, to be honest, that way I can tell Kim to take me off the schedule for next week instead of having to wait another week or beg people to cover days for me. 

I'm very excited.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!!


Tim and Jess

January 2008

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