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Tim and Jess

My car is cursed.

I, once again, have no car.  As we were pulling in to Taco Bell, some vacant teenage prissy waste of life slammed into my car.  No skid marks or anything - she didn't even brake.  She wasn't paying attention.  She hit me going around 40MPH, I would guess.  My car is trashed.  Although we will not know for sure until Wednesday, it is probably totaled.  If it isn't, even after it is fixed I doubt it will ever run the same or last me the 10-15 years a Toyota is supposed to last.

As a testament to what a piece of trash she is, her response to hitting my car was "I'm sorry!", but with severe attitude which I cannot accurately convey in text.

We got banged up in the accident, but nothing life-threatening.  I hit my head and pulled some muscles in my neck, got slashed/bruised around my collar bone by my seat belt and have a really painful bruise on my knee.  Tim got whiplash or something, but he's feeling better today and doesn't want medical attention. 

Obviously it was her fault, but it's me that's going to suffer the worst.  My new car is ruined, and whatever value I get from it (if it is totaled) will probably not be enough to buy another one.  It's like I've been paying this car payment for a little over a year and have nothing to show for it.  It's like I leased a car at a ridiculously high rate.  I definitely won't have any money now for a down payment on another car - I used all my savings for this one! 

The only little plus side is that now Tim and I can carpool to work... If I hadn't left Shell I'd be pretty screwed.  But really, that's a small plus.  I am so depressed.


You poor thing.
Actually, look at it this way, her insurance has to pay for ALL damages. If she rear-ended you that means it's automatically her fault. Her insurance should pay for EVERYTHING.

Tim and Jess

January 2008

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