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Mar. 22nd, 2007

Tim and Jess

I hate my life.

I went to that interview and it was a total waste of time because they only wanted someone for nights and weekends - Gee, you'd think that they'd want to mention something like that in their ad, you know?  >_<

Aside from that and a beyond terrible day at work, I came home to a bill from the doctor's.  Seems my insurance is charging me for a deductible I didn't know I had to pay.  Before I had any of those tests done I asked if, before they did them, they were covered completely by my insurance because I have no money, and they said they were.  Now it turns out they are only covered in full after I have been anally raped  charged hundreds and hundreds of dollars.   Once I have paid 500 dollars of it, after that point it will be covered, or so it seems.  So now in addition to all the stuff going on in my life, I have a huge bill that came out of nowhere that I don't know how I am going to pay.  "Don't worry," said the nice rep, "We can put you on a payment plan and charge you 25 dollars a month".  Well that's great, but where is that coming from???  I pay 40 dollars A WEEK, that's MINIMUM 160 dollars EVERY MONTH for insurance that won't cover shit until I have paid an insanely high deductible???  Where's the money coming from? 

Here's where it's coming from:  I have to cancel my insurance to get enough money to pay the medical bills.  I will be better covered if I don't have any insurance because of my low income (I can get covered by the state for being so poor).  How awful is it that I have paid already over a thousand dollars to this insurance company, and gotten the equivalent of maybe 100 dollars of services at most in return?   Screw this. 

Mar. 21st, 2007

Tim and Jess


I randomly got a call from a job I applied to no less than 3 weeks ago yesterday.  Today I called back and set up an interview for tomorrow.  Now, who knows how this will go, because there are a myriad of things that could go wrong due to the vagueness in the ad.  It's for a Pharmacy Receptionist/Technician, which is something I'm sure I could do with training.  I just wonder about the hours and days.  Basically, since I am going back to school, I can't take a job that wants me to work later than 4PM, and I don't want to do any weekends.   I would also need to start at more than my current job pays me, and I would need a lot of time off over the summer, for two vacations that were already planned months ago (one is a wedding in upstate NY :D).  It's something to check out at least, though.  Wish me luck. 

Mar. 17th, 2007

Tim and Jess

Curse you, snowstorm!!

Cheryl and I decided to meet at Tim's parents house before going to Mike Birbiglia so we could leave one of the cars there.  Well, from Milford it took me over an hour of slipping and sliding to make the trip, which is usually more like 15-20.  Cheryl didn't get there until a good 3 hours later.  By that time it was 5:30, and even if we had left right then we probably wouldn't have made it on time, as many of the highways were at a complete standstill (93 was a parking lot apparently, and Jay's girlfriend ended up breaking her clutch from the stop and go driving.  :(  ).  Tim's dad extended a welcome to us to stay the night, so we did.  It was possible that we could have made it there, maybe, but the risk of that storm was just more than we were willing to take.  There were no plows, and there were accidents *everywhere*.  So we watched What Not To Wear and other assorted girly shows, and played a few mean games of Scrabble (I retained my crown).  And, aside from a really big spider, it was a good night.  Not as good as Mike Birbiglia, but I guess there's no helping that. 

Tonight Tim's family is taking us down to Boston for St. Patrick's day, and we're staying in a hotel suite, so that should be fun.  Hopefully the roads are better now that it has stopped snowing. 

Mar. 16th, 2007

Tim and Jess

More BeForU

So, I have the new BeForU album now, and it's got its high points and low points.  On their first album, there was only one track I completely hated, and then 2-3 that I thought were OK, and the rest were all between very good and awesome.  On their second album, there were 2-3 I disliked and 1 I thought was kinda OK, and then the rest were between very good and awesome.  This album, though, has a whole lot of middle ground compared to the other albums.  The high points are pretty good, and then everything else is pretty much generic.

Highs:  Kagerou, Izayoi, Yamato Nadeshiko Spirit, Love(2)Clutch, Get Set GO!!, near me.
Blahs:  Kyou to Ashita to Shikakui Sora, Sakura Mau Toki, (6)Rainbow,  Boku[...]Boku, Strike Party!!!

Best track is definitely Yamato Nadeshiko, the worst is...  Um, maybe (6) Rainbow?  Nothing as awful as Baby Love from the first album, though. 

I wouldn't call the album nearly as good as BeForU or BeForU II, but it's much better than Begin was.  The first two albums blew me away, this one doesn't, but it's not bad either. 

I haven't done any of the songs from the new album (got about halfway through Yamato Nadeshiko and gave up, because it sounded ridiculous.  >_<), so I'll post some of my old favorites.  I don't have the lyric booklet, so these are the lyrics as transcribed by people online. 

Riyu's Freedom and Miharu's I Am...  both have a lot of the same themes in them in a way.  I think they came out well, though there are parts especially in I Am that are kinda clunky.  

Mar. 15th, 2007

myspace emo Jess

Maybe not...

Kim offered to take me back, so to speak, if I let her know before Monday.  I'm giving the thought more than serious consideration, because there's just a whole lot of NOTHING out there right now, and leaving a steady job for potentially nothing when there are bills to pay is not fair to Tim either.  I'm not going anywhere with this job, and I'm not too big a fan of it in any aspect, but with the job market the way it is, I don't really have much of a choice.

It's kinda funny, but all this business with me leaving has taken Kim and I from being in the kinda-hostile stage to being on very good terms again.  When she's in a bad mood, look out, but when she's not she really is a good friend to me.  She's really doing more for me than I thought she would do.

One thing I have been thinking about is going into bookkeeping/accounting, since that's the kind of job I think I'd be pretty good at, but I'm just not sure about school right now.   Tim is seriously looking into going to school for CADD, which is pretty exciting. Maybe we could afford both of us going if we got a lot of grants, since we're really poor.  I'm just wondering if, even though I can't find a job now, maybe if I get an associates in this that I would suddenly go from looking like a poor candidate to a good one in the eyes of employers.  I don't know, though, especially considering that by the time I do have the degree, I'm going to be having kids and will be out of work for a while.  College can wait, but I refuse to wait on having kids, I don't want to have them past 30.   I need to think this one through, without pressure from anyone. 

Mar. 13th, 2007

Tim and Jess


I really miss ZONE.  They were great for pop with a bit of rock thrown in, and their voices all blended together very well.  I went and made a mix of my favorite ZONE songs and I'm translating them too, for good measure, though I haven't bothered to romanize them yet. 

So, overall, I'm very happy with how Shiroi Hana and Akashi came out, but I'm less than pleased with For Tomorrow because it's very stilted in english and there were a couple places where I'm not sure if I got the meaning quite right.  I guess 2 out of 3 isn't bad?

Mar. 12th, 2007

myspace emo Jess


I was offered a job today, 30-40 hours a week, doing office work, exactly the kind of thing I was looking for, and had to decline because as it turns out they are located in Suncook, which is a good 50-60 minutes from Milford.  Nooooooo!!  I wish they had stated their location in the ad...  I don't know whether to feel good about having at least had a lead, or to feel bad because the only things I can get are those that will not work out.  I'm currently in the "feeling bad" stage.  >.<

On a completely different note, isn't it beautiful out today?  I wish I had a kite!

Mar. 9th, 2007

Tim and Jess

I <3 BeForU

BeForU's 3rd album is coming out soon. I am SO excited, their last 2 albums were awesome. In celebration, here are some translations I tried of some of their old stuff:

By the way, I hate how whoever put the japanese lyrics online changed a lot of the kana to the small versions. >_< But I'm too lazy to find my own lyric booklet and then retype all of it.

ChikaraCollapse )


DIVECollapse )

So, my thoughts on these... There are a couple spots where I'm a little uncertain that I got the meaning right, and a few spots where I had trouble finding a way to express it in english without it sounding ridiculous. "kienai mirai e", "To a not-disappearing future" just didn't seem to work, so I tried to reword it, sorta. Any corrections or advice would be welcome, but I do hope they are fairly decent as it is.

Mar. 8th, 2007

Tim and Jess

2 weeks

Even though I'm taking a huge risk, I gave my 2 weeks notice today at work.  I made sure it was a friendly parting, and not bitter, because even though we each have our moments, I don't want Kim and I to have any hard feelings in the end.  She said she was sorry I was going but could completely understand my position.  She also said I had a lot of courage to be taking a risk like this.  We actually were able to work something out for both of us, too.  I'm looking for a Monday-Friday job, but if I want some extra money I can still work Sundays for her so she gets a day off of work.  She said that's all dependent on me and that I'll just have to let her know when I want to or don't want to work.  This way, too, if something didn't come up right away I'd still be employed and could pick up hours at some of the stores here and there if I absolutely needed to.  Hopefully that won't happen, I'll find a nice job, and work Sundays if I want for some extra money (which we will definitely need for the wedding photography.  $_$).   Interview tomorrow!  It's pretty exciting, I hope it goes well. 

Mar. 7th, 2007


Job hunt, part 3 and no free pizza for Jess. ;_;

I have an interview Friday for another temp agency.  He didn't seem too put off by the 2 week notice thing thus far, which is very good...  Let's see how that goes. 

Work was awful again today...  Just as I finished having a really nasty lunch (a Lunchable, actually, because we don't sell any real food at Shell and I was famished), Super Kim decides to order a pizza for the station.  So everyone got to hang around for an hour and talk and eat pizza, except for me, there wasn't enough and I'd already eaten, and I needed to be on register because everyone else was eating.  I got to work while they ate free pizza.  I'm just so... Insulted.  WAY more insulted than I should be, really.   I know it probably wasn't meant as a personal attack but it's hard not to feel bitter when you have to pay 2.19 for a crappy lunch when everyone else gets really good pizza for free.  I'm so upset I'm getting a pizza tonight, and we're gonna have ice cream, too.  TAKE THAT, SHELL.  >:O

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