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Mar. 6th, 2007

Tim and Jess

Name Origins, Job Hunt Part 2

To any of the unenlightened who have no idea where I took my new sn, it's modified from a bit by Mike Birbiglia, one of the finest stand up comedians I have ever heard.  It's from this part:

''[Rap] has gotten so arbitrarily aggressive. Rappers now will be like, "It's 2005, mofo!" and I'm like, "You're mad about the date?... You gotta pick your battles, man."   I mean, you get mad about that, no one's gonna believe you when you get mad at real stuff, like, "You crashed into my car, mofo!"  "Yeah, but you were mad that it was 2005!".  You're like... The boy who cried mofo.  ''

I really wish I could go see him in either Boston or Saugus this month, but it looks like my financial situation will not allow it, which is a travesty. 

As far as the job hunt goes, we made it to Microtech and I filled out the application and paperwork.  Everything went very well, but the lady had to be honest with me - it will be very hard to place me if I have to give my current job a 2 week notice, because the companies want someone immediately.  She also realized that just up and quitting your only job reference for the past 5-6 years is a really bad idea, as is leaving that job without something lined up first.  It's really a catch-22.  I think if I start getting a lot of offers from Microtech and it doesn't look like I'll be out of work for long if I leave Shell, I may just leave my notice, even without something set in stone.  Anyone have any advice?   This job hunting business is awfully depressing. 

Mar. 5th, 2007

myspace emo Jess

Job Hunt, part 1!

I was so close to giving my 2 week's notice today, but logic got the better of me and I decided to wait until I have something lined up.  It's tough, because Kim is pissed at me for telling her I need the 17th and 18th off of work.  She wanted to go to Florida (.... for 2 days??) on those days apparently, and now she can't make me work the weekend for her.  Her response to my requesting it off (well before the 10 days in advance that she requires) was not pleasant and she basically gave me the silent treatment for most of the day, until well after lunch.  How childish is that??  Seriously, if I wanted to deal with temper tantrums I would have worked at a daycare. 

After work began the great adventure.  I went and picked Tim up (my moral support <3) and we headed down 101 to Manchvegas, where there was a position advertised.  Now, I had called them and they gave me directions, but something was a little odd - they didn't mention the name of the company, not in the ad nor on the phone.  When we finally found the place that was looking for "Office Help", it was a really sketchy garage next to a bunch of run down graffiti-covered buildings.  Pass!

After that it was on to Londonderry, to go to Microtech, a temp agency that placed Tim in his job that he's quite fond of now.  Well, since we got so lost and wasted all our time looking for the other hole in the wall, we got to Microtech just as the lady was getting into her car and leaving.  Noooooooooooo!!! 

Tomorrow the adventure resumes.  Watch, as Tim and Jess try to make their way from Nashua to Amherst to Londonderry, in search of a job that is halfway tolerable!  But until then, I need to email more resumes that won't even get glanced at! 

Mar. 4th, 2007

Tim and Jess

First entry!

This is my first entry in my new journal, and I have nobody as my friend yet (not even myself), so it's pretty pointless.... 

Anyway, I plan to post to this journal more often than I did my old one.  A lot of stuff I post in here isn't going to show up if your browser can't handle Japanese encoding.  I figure I can post all my translation projects here and whatnot, even though nobody will probably be interested in them.  >:P    I'm hoping I can get some feedback from people in general on them so I'm not going to make this friends only or anything.  Hopefully someone out there besides me is interested in the best way to translate songs. 

Aside from that, I also like hearing from my friends that I don't always get to see as often as I like, so maybe this will give me a way to keep in better touch.  My life has been pretty busy lately, there's so much I want to do and so little time.  I need to find a new job, lose weight, study for level 3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, plan for my wedding in 2008... 

And with that begins my new LJ!  Yay!

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Tim and Jess

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